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when i set dosbox to

The game loads on CGA COMPOSITE mode, does someone here knopw how to make it work on CGA RGB like in this image from MOBYGAMES?


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If you are using the version of the game that game designer Al Lowe has made available for free on his website, then the answer is that you cannot enable RGB mode. (The version on Al Lowe's website is the Amiga version's data files with a PC interpreter executable.)

Only the actual PC version, which is a self-booting game, supports CGA RGB mode. You can find out which version you have by pressing Alt+D. The actual PC version says "Version 1.0Q". If it instead says "Version 1.0C", you have the Amiga version with a PC interpreter executable, and if it says "Version 1.0A", you have the Atari ST version with a PC interpreter executable. (A later file-based actual PC version saying "Version 1.50" also exists, but it extremely rare, and only supports CGA RGB mode when run with the -r command line option.)