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I had a question about the sound. Everything works fine and all and all my games run great but I was wondering if its possible to turn off or mute the sound from the games.

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@Guest - you have two options:

1) Mute your sound as usual (Control Panel -> Sound). This will mute everything - not just DOSBox.

2) Use the DOSBOx mixer command (check out the DOSBox ReadMe for details).

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See DOSBOX.CONF, option "nosound" in section "[mixer]". This should do the trick:


Just remember that you set it like that before coming to complain in a few weeks that sound does not work in DOSBOX. 😀


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I don't think "nosound=true" or even mixer would help him.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that he refers to muting the game while inside a game - by using an internal shortcut (like you do to increase the frameskip, capture a screenshot or a sound, etc.).