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Guide: How to install Gravis Ultrasound Drivers in Windows 3.11

for this guide i used the pre installed driver pack
and dosbox svn r4006 (dosbox 0.74 supports only mono gus output)


this pack contains GUS 4.11 drivers ( windows driver 5.51) + Pro Patches Light 1.61 + Pro Patches Lite 1.61 corrected anti looping patches (includes 3 ppl 1.61 patches found by Tsyu removing a looping bug)

for those who want to know: its the pack from Huggybaby just with ppl 1.61 anti loop fix from Tsyu and with modified ultrasnd.ini file
(i changed patch folders in ultrasnd.ini from e:\ultrasnd\midi to c:\ultrasnd\midi because Eero Räsänen the creator of ppl made this small mistake in his 1.61 ultrasnd.ini file)

i tried to use gus in windows 3.11 and had some small probs doing it, so i thought it would be a good idea to create this small guide.
just install windows and than install gus 4.11 driver (contains windows 5.51 driver) won't work in dosbox
(at least i had some problems)

so here the step by step guide:
(i tested this with englsh and german windows 3.11 for workgroups)

1. unpack the ultrasnd folder from the driver pack above to your mounted c:\ drive
if you haven't done this in the past

2. install windows 3.11 with custom setup under dosbox doing these steps:

2a. unselect : Set Up Applications Already on Hard Disk(s)
(we do this later for gus mixer)

2b. you can skip the part to modify your autoexec.bat and config.sys
so chose : let you make the modifications later

3. after installation is complete restart dosbox and start windows 3.11

4. go to the control panel under main and select drivers > add
browse to your c:\ultrasnd\windows folder and click ok

5. select "Ultra Wave and MIDI Synth"

6. now you'll get a driver error message
this is normal

7. exit windows 3.11 and exit dosbox

8. copy the files from c:\ultrasnd\windows\system to c:\windows\system (only the files from system folder to system folder)
(of course to your windows 3.11 system folder in dosbox and not to your real windows folder 😉 )
overwrite when asked

question: cannot we do this before we do step 4 and 5 ?
answer: nop i tried this and it won't work !!!

we have to try to install the driver once before we copy the files
otherwise we 'll get the error message again
i tested this several times

9. start windows 3.11 in dosbox

go to the control panel under main and select drivers > add
browse to your c:\ultrasnd\windows folder and click ok

8. select Ultra Wave and MIDI Synth
this time it should work without an error

9. click on current
(as you'll see windows already installed the driver "a bit"
when it failed the 1st time

10. setup your gus
base, irq and dma like in your dosbox/dfend config
set voices to 32 and click ok

windows will now restart.

11. now drivers for wave and midi are installed and we should have sound
after windows started 😎
(midi files played with mediaplayer should sound exactly the same like with playmidi under dos)

but we have no gus icon for mixer....

12. start windows 3.11 and go to :
main -> windows setup
click on options -> Set Up Applications -> search for applications
search on c:

select "Ultrasound Mixer Panel"
click on add
then ok

now you have a new programm icon called "Applications" with the GUS Mixer in it.

13. done 😀

(of course you can add other gus icons too, but you don't need them for normal playback)

hope this guide helped a bit
to install the gus drivers under windows 3.11

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DOSBox Moderator

Thanks a lot! I moved it to the guides forum

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Might it not be a bad idea to attach the driver package here rather than an external link to a download site that may disappear?

The Sierra Help Pages -- New Sierra Game Installers -- Sierra Game Patches -- New Non-Sierra Game Installers

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Would someone be able to reupload the driver package to something better than that zippyshare link? I can't download it from that mess. If not to this site, as suggested, than at least something more reputable?