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Hi chaps. Got this CT2830 some years ago and never really gave it a second thought that it could be even remotely interesting. It wasn't until I dug this card out of one of my old machines and after some research, saw that it had a chip on it that's missing from all the Google image searches I could see of the same card model. All the others I saw had a PLCC type socket in position of where the chip it is directly soldered onto the board I have here:


The chip in question is the larger square chip to the top left of the card labeled "CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY CT 1748A '92 B22OC514 MALTA BABE"

So, what's the chip's purpose? I'm guessing it could be some kind of legacy or wavetable support but i'm not sure.

What's also strange is I have an odd chip towards the bottom of the IDE connector (RAM chips possibly?). It's more-or-less the same as the two above it but on the cards I saw, they should all be matching. It has a slightly different number on it and is a slightly more glossy material.

I'm sure you gurus here will have more of an idea what's what and will enlighten a noob such as myself!