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Hi there, I've just found SpeedTest 1.0.2 and it's GREAT!!!!!!!!!

I had tried every combination possible in the "Properties" tab of the .exe file of "The Lost Vikings" game but it kept being SLOW!!!
(I saw in threads here that only with DosBOX one can make it play decently).

But when I made a batch file (in a DOS window in XP-SP2),
and set in it SpeedSet to 0.2, the game worked COOL!!!

Well done vladr!!!!

My question though is this:
Is SpeedSet considered to work in some way of overclocking the system/CPU?

I'm no programmer, but these two posts of vladr (creator of SpeedSet) made me worried/confused:

Several issues with speedset

The .exe loads up the dll as a VDD. The VDD then generates extra IRQs, IIRC.


The value you gove to SPEEDSET 1.0.1 is the number of "extra" interrupts per millisecond. SPEEDSET then spreads them out, computing the "ideal" interrupt rate, rounding it down to the closes millisecond period (closest kHz value). So every period the DOS stub will generate a number of INT8 (timer IRQs), which will vary up and down (+/- 1) as to achieve an accurate overall "interrupts per millisecond" value.

I have a brand new system (with an Athlon 64 3500+) so I'm a bit worrried!!!
(Overclocking is certainly not for me, by any means).

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it's not your cpu that is being overclocked.
It's the timer that is overclocked. This won't harm your Athlon.

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