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Hey folks,

I am trying to get DR running on my brand new HP Omen laptop, but it is running awfully, both sound and depending on settings, game speed being too fast or slow.

I ma running the DOSBox-X branch. The only unique feature I use, other than code optimizations I guess, is the xbrz filter.

I have tried cycles at 3000, 6000, 8000, 20000, 40000. I have tried core set to auto and normal. I have tried render output from overlay which is what I normally use, to draw and openglnb. I have tried the /W switch which seemed to make the game a bit faster.

I get different results, but the main issue is the same- the game lags. The sound stutters. If I max things out, cycles max that is, I get a smooth start and the menu is smooth, but as soon as I try and race, the game becomes choppy and the races are unwinnable because of the stuttering. If I set the cycles low, the game is playable but far too slow.

I understand there is a Win port now, but it doesn't seem to display correctly at 1080p resolution, and others have raised concerns with some sounds/music. If anyone knows how to fix the resolution issue that would be helpful as an alternative.

But yeah, if anyone knows tips for this particular game, I would be really grateful. It seems a lot of fun, never played it back in the day!