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When the DOS setupsnd.exe program is run, what is the amount of DRAM that is reported? For instance, if 2x 4MB (8MB in total) SIMM RAM is installed, what would this .exe program report, in terms of the DRAM available? Can it "see" all 8MB at the DOS prompt? (Or, can it only see a percentage of it? Can Windows 3 only see all of it?) Can the .exe also "see" the 256KB of RAM built in to the card? And does the .exe "combine"/add up the SIMM RAM amount, with the onboard/built in RAM, when it reports the amount of DRAM available? Thanks a lot for any comments! 😀

What does the set of 3 jumpers do? When I look at photos of this card, all 3 jumpers are open.

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Do you have the card yourself?

According to the youtube video, it most likely will show what is in the SIMM slots as well as the 256kB onboard:

vogonsdrivers.com also has the documentation for the MAUI.. so I bet you could get your questions easily answered by just reading the documentation.

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