games that are better on a Macintosh

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Re: games that are better on a Macintosh

Postby Uka » 2019-7-06 @ 02:01

"The Puzzle Gallery: At the Carnival" by Cliff Johson is certainly better on (color) Macintosh than on PC.

Carnival_PC_4.png (4.81 KiB) Viewed 521 times

The author himself even thinks that his first famous game "The Fool's Errand" is better on black-and-white Macintosh then on EGA PC (because of higher resolution), but that's more questionable.

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Re: games that are better on a Macintosh

Postby ragefury32 » 2019-11-20 @ 21:52

Are we counting only 040 stuff? Or are we considering PPC/Classic and PPC/OSX as well?

Monkey Island.png

Monkey Island 3.png

I am personally quite impartial to the blippy, bloopy version of Monkey Island on the 040/Classic Macs. i mean, granted, there is a certain charm to running the DOSBox+MUNT version on a modern(-ish) Mac.
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Re: games that are better on a Macintosh

Postby dr.zeissler » 2019-11-20 @ 23:07

The Sound especially the music on the old mac-versions of the lucas-adventures are bad on mac compared to adlib or mt32 on pc.
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