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Hi folks,

I want to share my recent success with you.

For years MUNT worked like a charme on my Mac with both DOSBox and SCUMMVM.
But since a year or so it suddenly stopped working with DOSBox. This was probably my fault, but I did not recognize of changing something...

Anyway, during the last few days I struggled so hard with the midi-settings of my DOSBox confing file and a few minutes ago there finally was a breakthrough!

Here are my current settings:

"2" made the breakthrough in my case!

I don´t recall I ever had to enter a number there before, but this tiny 2 now made all the difference.
Before that I typed 1 instead of 2 (learned it from some youtube-video), but that did absolutely nothing.

It was a shot in the dark and boom - MT32 music again 😀
Hope this might be helpful for somebody else.

Mac OS 10.11.6
DOSBox 0.74-3
MUNT 1.7.1

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MacMini 2018, DOS Box, SCUMM VM, Munt

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For reference: https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/MIXER

I don't know how it works on MacOS, but on Windows that sort of misadventure can easily be diagnosed with the following command:

mixer /listmidi

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Nagra wrote:

And sorry for posting in the wrong place...

Hah, just saw that.

Moved to MT32 General, though one of the DOSBox forums may be more appropriate.

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