mb-8500ttd manual needed

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mb-8500ttd manual needed

Postby Vipersan » 2019-7-26 @ 17:36

Just picked up this rather nice AT motherboard ..made by Biostar ??

I'm having trouble finding the manual for it ..and will need this when it arrives as manual jumpers will have to be set up.
Can anyone help me ?
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Re: mb-8500ttd manual needed

Postby feipoa » 2019-7-26 @ 18:40

I have attached the Jan Steunebrink BIOS patch for Cyrix 4x, AMD K6-2, AMD K6-2+, AMD K6-III, AMD K6-III+, and 128 GB HDD support and all BIOSes I have for this board. See BIOS.txt in the zip file. When using Jan's BIOS, I recall that one or both of system/video BIOS cacheable had to be disabled. I forget which now, so test this.

I've attached the jumper settings from the Biostar website, as well as that from Stason. I've also attached the pdf for the clock generator chip on this motherboard.

If you plan to run it with a 75 MHz or 83 MHz FSB, I have found that 256 MB of SDRAM may not be that stable. So for 75 or 83 MHz, if you insist on using SDRAM, you may need to use only 64 MB. On the other hand, I have had no problem running 256 MB of EDO 72-pin SIMMs at 83 MHz. On this board, I have not noticed any performance penalty when using EDO over SDRAM. At 83 MHz (and maybe 75 MHz?), if you are using an AMD K6-III, K6-III+, or K6-2+, you will need to disable the motherboard's L2 cache for it to run stable. But, you cannot simply disable it in the BIOS. In fact, the contrary is true - you need to leave L2 enabled in the BIOS, but must remove the DIP-28 TAG RAM chip to disable L2 cache. Some BIOS or PCB design issue? I'm not sure, but removing the TAG RAM solved the problem.

EDIT: for runnig an AMD K6-III+ at 500 MHz, you should add a small fan to the motherboard's VRM heatsink. Also, use the measured 2.02 Vcc2 jumper setting I noted in the undocumented jumper table. My system is quite stable, stable enough to run XP Pro SP3 and run all the Windows updates for days on end at 100% CPU usage. Don't forget the VRM fan though.
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Re: mb-8500ttd manual needed

Postby Vipersan » 2019-7-26 @ 19:18

Much appreciated..
This build will probably be either win95 or win3.1 ...for some win gaming plus running dos games in pure dos mode.
I've sorted out a creative SB16 pnp for it (CT2980)
what I dont have is a decent ISA graphics card ..though hopefully I'll be able to install a PCI card to do the graphics.
Not sure if I'd then need DOS drivers ???
3x ISA slots.
here is what the ebay listing said ..
and what is included ...

"Vintage Pentium MMX socket 7 with motherboard. MB-8500TTD. Excellent Condition.. Condition is Used.

This was working with windows 95 before being removed from the PC case. Would be a nice challenge to get this working again with windows 95, and the required peripherals."

Hmmm I wonder..??
Perhaps this is finally an opportunity to use my PCI voodoo 5 5500 I repaired last year..
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