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Red Baron 3D: no sound and lockup (solutions!) by Snover

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If you are having trouble with sound (or, rather, not having any) in Red Baron 2, this is your fix.

The problem is an XP issue with RB - it has nothing to do with using the OpenGLide wrapper or the superpatch (the superpatch 'upgrades' RB2 into RB3D). Close RB, go to your RB folder and delete RBPREFS.DAT. Then, open RB and set all your favourite preferences but don't fly, and don't close RB. Press Alt-Tab to get back to the desktop without closing RB, go to your RB folder, right-click on RBPREFS.DAT (Red Baron will have re-created it), go to Preferences and set it to read-only. You should now get sound without a problem - but you won't be able to change your preferences without deleting it and repeating this procedure.

(For some reason, RB is upset by USB joysticks when running XP. It detects a non-existent conflict with your sound card and disables the sound for you; making the RBPREFS.DAT read-only stops RB from doing this.)

Thanks to Rob for this information.

This time an issue with Red Baron locking up post-mission due to Cat 3.1 drivers.
After further experimentation, I have found that if you put the Cat 3.0a version of ATIOGLXX.DLL (dated 12/18/02) into the Red Baron 3D folder instead of overwriting the Cat 3.1 version (dated 01/20/03) in the %WINDOWS%\SYSTEM32 folder, RB3D will use the version of the file that is in the RB3D folder before using the version that is in the %WINDOWS%\SYSTEM32 folder.
This means that you can have full Cat 3.1 driver capability with all other programs while maintaining compatability with the Cat 3.0a OpenGL for RB3D only.
As before, the only caveat seems to be that your desktop MUST be set to 16bit before starting RB3D or it will still lockup when trying to exit the 3D portion of the mission to go back to the debriefing screen.
This allows you to set your OpenGL parameters (AA,AF,etc.) in the Display/Settings/Advanced/OpenGL tab the way you would like them for your other sims/programs and still play RB3D using the Cat3.0a version of ATIOGLXX.DLL.
Thanks to Monte for this, and thanks also to Mark who was gonna post it but got beat to it.

The above issue with the Cat v3.1 drivers has been fixed with the Cat v3.2 drivers

Yes, it’s my fault.