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I have a libretro port and I added a few cool features that are nice for people using it in console like systems (say without a keyboard)
One of them is mounting on the fly, I can enter the RetroArch menu, select an option and mount a CD or Floppy while in game.

Generally speaking it works, for instance I can swap disks in GTA1 to a the london disk and london music will start blasting.
But in some games I get either lock ups or it won't detect the CD.

- Red Alert won't detect the CD, if I go back to DOS and open it again it will detect it
- WarCraft 2 will lock up, this worked before when I was a few hundred commits behind so I'll have to debug that I guess

Is this bad / dangerous? or is there a way to make it work properly?
My code is here:
https://git.retromods.org/dev/dosbox-svn/blob … bretro.cpp#L302

It's mostly lifted wholesale from dos_programs.cpp

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I don't know a 100% reliable way. Once it is started, it is pretty much a PC that is running.

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