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Lurid Land is a rare PC game from 1997 made by Illusion Softworks, and having both a MS-DOS version and a Windows 9x one. The game reminds me of Lode Runner but with more of a focus on puzzles, and it runs in a resolution of 800x600.

The Windows 9x version is quite buggy to get up and running in Windows 10, but the MS-DOS version can be played just fine by using DOSBox. The in-game music sounds distorted after selecting any other soundcard than Gravis Ultrasound in the Setup.exe file, so it is highly recommended to get Gravis Ultrasound up-and-running in DOSBox before running this game, to get (in my opinion) a flawless experience while emulating this game.

The game also has 2 player multiplayer support in the MS-DOS version (I believe the Windows 9x version may have some kind of LAN support as well).

It would be nice to have this game featured in the Compatibility tracker of DOSBox.com, even though this game is not much known. It is quite helpful if people that try to run this game in DOSBox know that Gravis Ultrasound is highly recommended as the soundcard type (to make the in-game music not sound distorted in any way).

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