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I can't get this game running in Windows XP. I've tried nearly everything, from Dosbox to VDMSound but it won't run.

I've got a 3 GHZ Pentium with a Geforce 6200SE Turbocache and Windows XP as OS. What can i do?

My computer:

Phoneix Award BIOS v6.00GP
Pentium IV 3 Ghz
1 GB Ram
Windows XP with Service Pack 3
Nvidia Geforce 6200SE Turbocache 256.0 MB
Directx 9.0c (version 4.09.0000.0904)

Reply 1 of 1, by miososoup

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right click on the game exe file, and then goto properties.

Under Compatability choose Win95, and then 256 color, disable themes, and 640x480 res.

Now run with VMDSound. Remember VMDSound is only for sound, not actual gameplay. And there are games which will refuse to run underxp, i'd then just make a fat partition on one of your hd for 3 gbs, and install either win95 or just DOS 6, i recommend just DOS.

Best option in my opinion is to buy a old computer from an university or school that has like a p3 chip in it. Wipe the hd, and put win95 on it and you'll be set for all your old gameing needs.

Hello! My name is Misosoup and I wrote the above!