General Midi in Xcom games.

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Osprey wrote:
HunterZ wrote:

I know your post is 5 years old, but I thought I'd mention that TFTD now runs fine with the OpenXcom nightly build.

I'm not enjoying TFTD as much as the original X-COM, however, because it's mostly just a re-skin of the original game and because the research tree sucks.

Thanks for the tip about OpenXcom. I tried it for the first time last night and am impressed. It looks and feels like the original game, but with tweaks for usability, like clicking-and-dragging on the geoscape and using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out on the geoscape and change floors in missions. I tend to prefer playing the original games, but this is a recreation that I might play.

Same here, but the quality-of-life tweaks on OpenXcom are really compelling. Not having to re-equip my entire squad on every mission makes a huge difference.

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Recently i peep into a preinstalled version, to get more info i need to install it.

But X-Com UFO defense should support FM, MT, GM.
Music Libraries and drivers are present for each of them.
It even supports the GUS natively.

Perhaps i can tell you more in a month or so, this is somehow interesting.
Especially because of the dedicated MT32 midi, i like that.
I can imagine well that will offer the creepiest and most alianized sound if it uses custom instruments (which seems to be the case but i can't tell it yet exactly).

Unfortunately even if i extract the midi from their ".bin" packages they are still compressed or in a to me unknown headerless format (raw midi it isn't but at least MIDIPLEX shows that it is a midi).
Installing the game will give me more answers.

Probably it's HMI MIDI.
Which can produce wrong results on recent machines even in DOSBox as i experienced because generally you only pipe the MIDI stream to the MIDI mapper and i noticed on my Win10 that the HMI of FFE are interpreted wrong now, the notes of certain tracks won't end as they should, converted to a GMIDI the play back well - depending on the player, Megamid produces the same error but played back with WinAmp or PX and the miles drivers they are fine.
If that is the case i appreciate your problem because it can bring me closer to the solution of my problem with FFE.

But yes overall the SBFM isn't that bad no?
Sometimes i really like the artificial sound of the FM.
But well i can be even fascinated of Tandy sound 😀

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