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I have a problem with Settlers2. I have two mice and want to use them to
play Settlers2 in hotseat mode, but the second mouse does not work.

What I did:

-connected my USB mouse to USB, using legacy support of my BIOS
-connected my PS2 mouse to COM1 using an adaptor
-Booted my computer with a Dos disk
-loaded mouse.com for USB mouse with legacy support
-loaded Settlers2

What happened:

-mouse.com loads fine for the USB mouse
-Settlers2 likes my USB mouse, says "mouse1 by using driver OK"
-Settlers2 does not like the mouse connected to COM1, the cursor remains
in the top left corner and does not move
-mouse.com does not work for my mouse connected to COM1

What I think:

-The PS2 mouse uses a PS2 protocol, but what I need is serial mouse protocol.

So does anybody what I could do, or could anybody explain what
protocol serial mice use, or does anybody know if my adaptor does protocol

thankfully, bugs

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The mouse has to know both protocols. Did the adapter come with that mouse? If not, that might be the problem since the adapters can be different. Or even better get a pure serial mouse (from old computer).


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Thanks for your reply. I have tried two adaptors I found in my container for
senior-PC-parts. One of them is Microsoft(r), the other seems to be noname.
The mouse is a new cheap one. (2.50 EURO)