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okay this one might be too little know a game - Wings of Destiny (2000) from Psygnosis/Dice - i got the discs for this recently and it installs fine, but then one i start the game it looks to start loading but then crashes with the error "could not read animation format".

In the manual it says the game will run some into animations and i think there are "comic book" style animations throughout the game possibly. It might be these that are in the unreadable format, but i just dont know how i can confirm whether this or something else the cause is.

I am running windows 10 64bit, i have tried a few DGvoodoo settings but to no avail, same with dxwnd. what might one need to have possibly older early 2000s animation formats recognised? is that was codecs might take care of?

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Only luck I've had is running it on a dedicated W9x build. Even then I can't configure the game without a CTD and in-game it's nor really working. Weird thing is I played about 1/3 of the Allied campaign when I bought the game years ago. I just can't seem to get it run now even on a clean retro build - actually half a dozen different setups....