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I cannot seem to get the Audio Pack to work. I only re-installed Glidos a couple of weeks ago, and have managed to sort out some controller issues I had. I realised that I'd installed the Audio Pack seperately, though it did not need to be done that way, so renamed my v1.52 Glidos to be Glidos (Old) and installed v1.55 afresh, activating with my Glidos license.

The Audio Pack is still not working. I have a save game just before getting one of the cogs on Lost Valley, where I think there should be some vocals as the cog is picked up. But I do not hear that. I can either have background music going, or can select no music at all, but selecting Audio Pack does not play the vocals.

I am using the Steam version of TR. Would that cause this issue?





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The Audio pack works with only a particular version TOMB.EXE. Download and install this: http://download.glidos.net/TR1/TrAndUbForGlidos.exe, which provides the appropriate version. Then change the Glidos config to use that file. Don't alter the setting for the CD image.