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Please could you share your personal experiences of Windows 2000 Geforce drivers, which one(s) you prefer and why?
I'm wondering if it's best to stick with drivers which officially support W2K (somewhere around 169.21 to 182.50) limiting you to something like a Geforce 8800... or...
Is the effective end of Windows 2000 driver support much later? How far into the "XP only" driver has no drawbacks for Windows 2000? (I'm not interested in "enhancing" the OS with 3rd party update packs or much beyond stock SP4, may as well just run an nLite'ed XP in that case )
Does a driver you've extensively used in games cover something as late as a GTX 460? or even a GTX 660? or...
Is there an optimal driver before version 169 that we should be taking notice of, perhaps with some DirectX 7 benefits over later versions.

Screw period correct; I wanted a faster system back then. I choose no dropped frames, super fast loading, fully compatible and quiet operation.