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Bit of a random question I know, though I have been ranking from lowest to highest the number of transistors each of CPU's have in and around the 386 era.

The regular old DLC's that were done in collaboration with Cyrix had only 600,000, and were with 1Kb cache. The next step up was IBM's blue lightning which broke into the 1 million transistors with a count of 1,400,000! Though I can't seem to find anywhere the number of transistors that each of the DRx2 or Ti 486SXL CPU's have. Given that they incorporate more cache (8Kb) and were released later than the DLC's - following the divorce and break up with Cyrix, I am guessing it may be in the region of 900,000... maybe even make 1 million.

Any ideas?


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This guy wrote a fair write up of the Cx486Dr2 and states it has a 1K L1 cache but does not mention the transistor numbers...it appears to be a clock doubled Cx DLC from his description
Cannot find anything specific about the Ti SXL series...
I tried 😀

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The DRx2 is almost identical to the DLC internally. The only real differences being clock doubling and integrated flush cicuit.

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