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There is a lot of conflicting information on vogons about which VBE 3.0 cards still support tools like UniRefresh & VBEHz. Apparently some of the later VESA 3.0 cards had their display refresh code removed from VBIOS, which would allow CRT monitors to display at refresh rates higher than 60Hz with DOS utilities like VBEHz & UniRefresh. I always assumed this would still be possible with Geforce4 series cards as well as FX cards, but I came across a thread by Keropi, where he touched upon the subject, stating that GF4 & FX cards already dropped support for these tools in BIOS. If so, do any fixes exist for these cards? Is the Geforce3 series the last with support for it?

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Never had problems with GeForce 4 and GeForce FX cards. Maybe some specific cards have problems due to non-standard Nvidia BIOS, but not in general.

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VBEHz works fine on my GeForce4 Ti 4200 as well as on my GeForce4 MX440.

They are both manufactured by MSI, in case it matters.

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