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This is an extremely humbling experience. Programming for the MPU-401 and dealing with the MIDI file format (*.MID file) is no joke. I consider myself a pretty good programmer, (apparently not) and this stuff was a real challenge. I've programmed device drivers, commercially, on X86, 68K and MIPS platforms for 30+ years. This was probably the trickiest stuff I've ever dealt with.

Just sharing my thoughts after my program is making music.... I did this in a "clean room" style with Roland's docs and a .MID file specification from a Usenet post.

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Kudos for getting it done. But things like the variable length encoding of the time intervals, the running status bytes etc... it's no joke. I've done the same thing (albeit playing back through the OPL2 FM chip) and still consider it one of my greatest achievements from my DOS programming days. Do you have your programme available somewhere?

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