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Myth The Fallen Lord demo is invoking Glide with incorrect count of color/aux buffers and dgVoodoo2 rightfully failed the call. Other wrappers (such as OpenGlide) don't really care about the number of color/aux buffers and the game demo works. Perhaps you can do something to sanitize the inputs and fallback to typical "buf 2 aux 1" rather than failed. It helps in Glide compatibility such as game demos that will never be patched.

glidept: grSstWinOpen called, fmt 0 org 0 buf 1 aux 2 gLfb 0xf7941000
glidept: grSstWinOpen failed

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Thanks! Looking into the original Glide src, it practically accepted anything for buffer count parameters. It's not clear however what happened later since those parameters were stored in the graphics context structure.

I already had some validation for 'stupid' cases in dgVoodoo for some games (like 0 color buffers and 2 aux ones and such) but now modified it to accept more values (buffer count is between 0/1 and 3) and translate them to a reasonable valid configuration.
Also added a warning message into the Debug Layer for those cases.