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I've tried Univbe 6.7 in DOS 6.22 on various cards and it usually picks them up, but it never has for my ET4000AX VLB. The AX chipset isn't specifically listed as supported in the documentation so I wasn't too fussed, but I bought this card recently and it won't detect it either:


It's a Cardex Challenger with a Tseng Labs ET4000/W32P Chip, 1mb RAM. Any ideas why Univbe won't detect this one? The message it returns is:

"No supported SuperVGA chip detected!"

Thanks for any help.

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h-a-l-9000 wrote on 2012-03-17, 11:45:

Yes, it looks like they removed most if not all pre-PCI support from their latest version.

True. I just ran into it the same situation.
UniVBE version 6.70 has refuses to detect on a pre-PCI systems/motherboards, therefore running UVCONFIG.EXE of the UniVBE 6.70 on an ISA only or ISA + VLB motherboard with a graphics chip (which known by UniVBE 6.70), UVCONFIG.EXE will writes "No supported SuperVGA chip detected!", but the same video card will be detected by UniVBE 6.70 on a system with PCI too.
So if you use your VLB (or pre PCI) video card in a VLB/PCI motherboard, UniVBE 6.70 will detect and configure it (will write it is a PCI card but this is no problem) and works, but if you use a "VLB only" (so no PCI) motherboard, you cannot use UVCONFIG.EXE of the UniVBE 6.70. You need to use an older version of UniVBE (all are free), or run the UVCONFIG.EXE of the UniVBE 6.70 on a system with PCI too with your VLB video card and move the UNIVBE.DRV to the target system because UNIVBE.EXE will load/use it (only UVCONFIG.EXE refuses to work).

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