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I just replaced my 386 motherboard with a 486. It seems that every time I try to execute anything with DPMI, it either locks up (requires power cycle), reboots, or exits with a "Page fault" error message. What can be causing this? Some apps include Borland Turbo C++ 3.0, NASM, and MASM 6.11. It also crashes or reboots when trying to install Linux or NetBSD.

Intel 486DX 33MHz
20 MB 30 pin SIMM RAM (4x4MB, 4x1MB)
MS-DOS 6.22
Quantum Bigfoot hard drive
Tseng Labs ET4000AX based video card, 1MB VRAM
GoldStar Prime I/O controller
Adaptec SCSI controller

Reply 3 of 5, by weedeewee

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Zachz91 wrote on 2021-04-01, 20:08:
weedeewee wrote on 2021-04-01, 18:13:

Try running a memtest, or removing the 4x4 or 4x1 or replace completely with four others.

How do you do a memtest?

I guess you'll want the floppy one, and according to what I've read on the internet and this forum 4.10 (4.20?) should be the latest version that works on a 486.