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I recently got Win98SE set up on DOSBox but I stumbled into a weird issue. If I set fullscreen to true in the config, DOSBox Daum starts up with its own black cursor (even before booting Windows 98), and once I boot it, there are now two cursors, Windows + Dosbox one. If fullscreen is set to false and I manually ALT+ENTER for fullscreen, the Dosbox black cursor does not appear. But I would very much like to launch fullscreen for convenience. Any solutions?

Currently using DOSBox Daum 3829 from 2013-05-06 because that is what was recommended to use in the guide I followed: http://dosbox95.darktraveler.com/w98%20part%201.html

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The developer of DOSBox Daum has abandoned the project, thus it is unsupported. Not recommended for use. For Windows 9x, use DOSBox-X or another supported fork.

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