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This is my first post, though I have used this forum for help with old hardware plenty of times in the past. Since I couldn't find any info on this topic here, nor anywhere else on the internet, I figured I'd share what I figured out myself, for the next person who might need it.


I got an old Philips amber monochrome screen, model no. 7BM723/00B. The power cable is permanently connected, for video input all there is is a female 6 pin DIN connector. The person who sold it said it came with a cable that had 6 pin DIN on one side, and 9 pin D-Sub on the other, but didn't have it anymore. Seems to be a common issue with this monitor, as I found another one on ebay also without the cable.
All I could figure out from the PCB on the monitor was that 2 of those 6 pins were grounded, which lined up with the specs of MDA. So I got myself a 6 pin DIN male to male cable, a male 9 pin D-Sub connector, and hacked together my own cable with trial and error.

Here is the pin assignment:

      D-Sub DIN
Ground 1 3
Ground 2 6
Intst. 6 4
Video 7 5
HSync 8 1
VSync 9 2

For reference, here are pictures of the pinouts (ignore the details for the DIN connector, I just linked it for the numbering of pins)
https://allpinouts.org/pinouts/connectors/com … o/mda-hercules/
https://allpinouts.org/pinouts/connectors/aud … ntroller-6-pin/

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Thank you! 😎👍

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