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I recently bought an Olivetti M4-P133 in a non-working state.

The CPU/PSU fan spins but no POST or screen/beep. As a precaution I replaced the capacitors on the motherboard and the VRM but it still didn't help. Then I bought a POST-card and as I feared it showed no codes whatsoever in either the ISA or PCI slots, but at least all voltage rails are good. I have a replacement CPU in the mail but I doubt that is the issue. I have also tried all combinations for the RAM in case of a bad stick.

My next step is to reflash the BIOS with a TL866II Plus, but I need an image for that and that's easier said than done to find.
I'm hoping that someone here might have a disk or file with the image I need, or an equal system they could dump the ROM from? 😀

Model: Olivetti M4-P133 (Identical system with P100)
Motherboard: BA2280
Chip: 128 KB 28F001BX-T Flash EEPROM

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