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Ah, good old X-Wing, and it's awesome soundtrack, dynamic music, and haphazardly broken MT-32 support

There are two releases of this game of interest (That I know about):

The original Floppy disk release:
- Soundtrack was supposedly composed on an MT-32
- Blasts out SysEx at high-speed, crashing rev0 modules like mine (DOSBox' delay-sysex works around this, as would I suspect SoftMPU if I was on actual bare-metal)
- Has digital audio, but doesn't do any mixing - plays a lot of horribly mangled "sound effects" on the MT-32 (Perhaps the custom patches were designed for a later-rev module?)

And the later Collector's Edition CD-ROM:
- Soundtrack was supposedly "Converted" to General MIDI - It does play differently (arguably worse) than the Floppy version. Much of the subtlety in volume is lost, suggesting that remapped General MIDI data is being sent to the MT-32
- Properly spaces out SysEx so my MT-32 doesn't die
- Mixes it's digital audio, and does all sfx via digital audio - the MT-32 is asked only to reproduce music

I would dearly like to have something resembling the best of both worlds - The original MT-32 composition, my MT-32 not dying, and all sfx on digital audio.

I've done a bit of investigation, which I will present below, but this is rapidly leaving my realm of competence. I suspect this will require some amount of dis/assembly skill to fix.

Both versions of the game include an identical RESOURCE/ROLAND.LFD file, at 176,064 bytes, with identical checksums. Which suggests the Roland soundtrack did indeed ship with the Collectors' CD-ROM, they're just not using it.

Both versions of the game also include an identical RESOURCE/GMIDI.LFD file, at 173,510 bytes, again with identical checksums.

This suggests to me the data has not changed, only how the data is handled by the drivers has changed. As well as the structure of the drivers themselves, apparently.

The floppy version uses .IMS drivers, averaging about 25KB each. There's ROLAND.IMS and ROLAND_W.IMS, presumably for MT-32 alone, and MT-32 with Sound Blaster digital audio.

The CD version appears to use separate Music .MDR drivers, such as ROLAND.MDR at about 4KB, with separate .WDR drivers for digital audio, again at about 4KB each on average.

Can anyone here offer any suggestions or help? All input is much appreciated.

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In both cases, the actual executable is BWING.EXE

The floppy BWING.EXE contains one reference to ROLAND.LFD, and several other occurrences of the string 'roland'. whereas the CD BWING.EXE does not include the string 'roland' anywhere.