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Hi all,

Newbie here just registered.

When trying to run the game, it asks for the CD even though it is already present. Drive is mapped as D.

In my case, I have Windows 98SE fresh setup and am trying to launch the game. Am not using DOSBOX.

I have restarted the PC in MS-DOS mode. When I type D: it says invalid drive specification.

Need your help!


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You necrobumped a 16 years old thread! And the thread was about Dosbox which you are not even using...

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Have you loaded the appropriate CD-ROM driver in config.sys and the accompanying mscdex line in autoexec.bat?

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Not sure if this will work, but you can try right clicking the game executable. Then properties/advanced and mark “prevent ms dos programs to detect windows” or something.
If it doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to start in actual DOS (pressing F8 when the “Starting Windows 98 message appears and then selecting “Command Prompt”), in addition you’ll have to edit autoexec.bat and config.sys files to load your CD-ROM driver otherwise the D drive will not work in this mode.


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