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I've installed the game and chose to activate joystick controls, but they don't seem to actually work. The controller I'm using works perfectly fine with every other game I've played in DOSBox. Is there a solution to this?

EDIT: I can't get the game to auto-detect the joysticks like it's supposed to, but pressing Ctrl+J during gameplay while one is connected will make the game recalibrate, and then it will be detected.

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The game installer is supposed create a DGEN.CFG file that has a bit to enable the joystick.
It's a short (12 bytes) binary file, and the 5th byte should be 01 hex to enable the joystick.

In pre-release versions, the game did automatically detect a joystick on start-up. But Mindscape had a guy that wrote installers, and they wanted the installer to do the config stuff, so the auto detect was removed.
This is what the cfg file looks like:
typedef struct
int vidmode; /* 0=CGA, 1=EGA, 2=TGA, 3=VGA, 4=HGA */
int disktype; /* 0=360k, 1=720k, 2=1.2M, 3=1.44M, 4=HD */
int control; /* 0=keyboard, 1=joystick */
int YGmethod;
int YGvalue;
int sound; /* 0=speaker, 1=AdLib */

The YG stuff was for copy protection. The copy protection implementation was removed for the CD version (Mindscape released some game collections on CD).