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Hi everyone

Some of you might be read my previous post about the missing bios chip. Here's another one.
I've got a PC Hips M726 motherboard which is missing all jumpers and the bios chip.
The board is on theretroweb and had bios files available.
Looking at the 128kB unpacked size, I assume the chip must be either a 28c010 or 29c010... But which one is it? Could somebody help me on this one?

Flashing the chip is no problem by the way 😀

Stuck at 10MHz...

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Hmm in the trw picture it appears a ASD AE29F1008 (similar to the 741LMRT and M748 https://theretroweb.com/motherboards/s/pcchips-m741lmrt but they are ASD AE29f2008)
I have a ASD AE29F2008-12 on a 741LMRT and the TL866ii pin detect and ID passes and reads it fine as a Winbond W29C020. Think those ASD are rebranded Winbonds or exact same....
I would try a W29c010 or AT29c010...

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