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I have a Clarion Dos Program that have to open with 199 open files set (Not the default 40 settings given by Windows XP. I've set it in the Windows XP's "config.nt" file.

Where can I set it in DOSBox?

* I have to open the program with a command: c:\kbs\chain.com kb.exe
and can't get it to work under Windows XP's DOS Command Window, it works in DOSBox 😀

Thank You!

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So it doesn't work under XP even if you set files in config.nt but it does work in DosBox? Is that what your saying?

DosBox doesn't support manually settings Files. If it works then it works.

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The command line part work's under DOSBox and not under Windows XP... So I cant open the program under Windows but I can open it in DOSBox... so I have to use DOSBox.

But DOSBox does'nt use the settings that I've changed in the Config.nt file.

So I need DOSBox to get that seetings in some way?

Thank for the quick response...

Reply 3 of 8, by lwc

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DOSBox doesn't support its own internal config.sys (and certainly not XP's config.nt!), if that's what you're looking for.

But some programs are dumb enough that if you create a fake config.sys with the proper settings and put it in c:\ (that is, DOSBox's c:\ !), they take it for granted that it was "loaded" and use the settings from there.

The question is how many files DOSBox can really open at the same time. Surely the setting in the fake config.sys shouldn't pass that. Anyway, try that and report back.

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Hi g_nome,

Maybe if you'd try to boot real ms-dos/dr-dos/freedos inside Dosbox?! (for example, as mentioned in "imgmount" - yes, "boot" - no... and search the forum)
Though I do not know enough about Dosbox's inner workings if that would change anything for the better, considering the note placed by Qbix..
Can you please shed some light on this matter, Qbix?



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the 127 files restriction is imposed by the dosbox dos.
Booting a different version of dos inside dosbox can work around this problem.
However It's unlikely that the dosbox dos will change to 199 files. So your best bet is booting a different version of dos insided dosbox

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