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My current system:

Radeon 9550
WinXP SP2 + DirectX 9.0c + Catalyst 5.11
Glidos 1.32 + OpenGlide 0.09 rc8 (default INI settings, mipmapping disabled)

1. When I force AA and/or AF in the video drivers, dark/clear lines appear on the edge of distant polygons (particularly visible on the floor). They look like long stripes and are very visible at some camera angles.

This graphic bug looks like some form of texture clamping issue. I've actually noticed it many months ago, but I felt too lazy to report it until now. It happens with any version of OpenGlide 0.09 and even psVoodoo -- again, only when AA and/or AF is enabled. It's very noticeable at lower resolutions.

I already had this problem on a previous machine with a GF3, but at the time I thought the card was damaged (though AA/AF worked flawlessly in every other game, except the TR series where the same problem occured -- coincidence?). My current system is a whole different setup, yet the problem is still there. I'm pretty sure now that the problem goes back to when I upgraded from DirectX 9.0b to 9.0c, because that's when the first symptoms appeared.

Can anyone else confirm that?

OpenGlide 0.09 rc8


2. When AA/AF is enabled, the inventory background is black with rc7 and it's partially transparent with rc8 (no problem with psVoodoo).

OpenGlide 0.09 rc8

3. When AA/AF is enabled and VESA support activated, versions prior to rc8 display vertical stripes in FMVs.

OpenGlide 0.09 rc7

4. I've spotted many z-buffer bugs with all versions of OpenGlide on my Radeon, which I don't recall seeing on my GF3. Look at the door on the first screenshot of this post.

psVoodoo resolves most of the z-buffer bugs (up to a certain distance), but introduces mipmapping glitches in addition to the clamping issue. You can also notice that the foliage textures on the ceiling are rather blurry, which makes me think that psVoodoo forces mipmapping filtering by default.

psVoodoo 0.2


That said, I suspect points 2, 3 and 4 are not related to DirectX but are an ATI thing.

I need some feedback here, please feel free to comment.


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