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Hi, does anyone here have a sound blaster audigy and also has the installation CD for it? I lost my CD, and on that CD there are legacy dos drivers that i need. Im running a dual boot XP/ME and i needed them for the ME O/S. If anyone can help me with this, please let me know.


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I have the audigy cd w/ the dos drivers. I'll try posting them here before week's end. A reply to this email might help remind me.

The DOS drivers will NOT install as is under WinMe. If you want to setup the DOS drivers in WinME, you'll need to do the following:

What you need

* one(1)extra free IRQ other than used by card
* some HD space
* audigy cd
* skill, concentration and luck
* an old elite dos game, dos4gw preferred
* latest audigy driver if needed

1) copy \dosdrv\ from CD to HD
2) delete checkos.exe
3) run the setup, reboot. At this point after reboot it will detect sb16 emul device.
4) setup your favorite dos game for sound

I didn't write or try these instructions, so I can't be sure how well they will work (they're from
http://www.nitroware.net/index.php#newsitemEp … FykpZZAtXKKsbEe).

You'll probably need to edit autoexec.bat to include the appropriate lines, and you'll need to find a way to boot winme to dos (do-able, but it requires some workarounds or kluges). Also, the Audigy DOS drivers require you to load emm386.exe.

If possible, dual boot Win98 (or Win98SE) w/XP rather than WinMe. You'll get simpler access to true DOS and a higher level of compatability.

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Should probably change Audigy to Audigy 1. The Dos drivers do work for AUdigy 1 the last time I tried a couple of months ago but I doubt that they work for the Audigy 2. Haven't tried yet tho.

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Here are the audigy 1 drivers. I'll have to do this in 3 parts

Delete the checkos.exe file before you install, or just extract all files but for checkos.exe. Otherwise, they will not install under WinME. BTW, AFAIK, there are no DOS drivers for Audigy2. I've heard that the audigy1 drivers will not work with Audigy2, but I can't confirm that. Hope this works for you.


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