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This is for testing DOS games in general. It automatically detects your soundcard and configures itself appropriately.

It will produce SoundBlaster (Digital) audio and FM (Ad-Lib type) audio. It is also small (under 500k), that also makes it an ideal program to test with VDMSound. Note that the FM music only appears at the start of the game and during the animated scenes between some levels.

INSTALL.EXE is the DOS install utility.
SETUP.EXE is the Window install utility.

Both will work, but the game itself is a DOS game.

P.S. The game is actually freeware. It was originally shareware, but CHAMProgramming released it freely after having gone out of business.


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    champ ms pac-em.zip
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    440.29 KiB
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    Fair use/fair dealing exception
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