survival: the last hope game test?

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First post, by starlord

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Hi, starlord here: this is my first message:

I'm trying to get an obscure (but very attractive) game for windows called survival: the last hope to work on my PC.

Yet like a limited number of games (such as gex 3d) It will work only on PCs with a 3dfx card.

So I would like to know who tested this game and with which wrapper (egvoodoo, openglide...) and what was the result: Is it playable?

This game is exclusive to the PC (unlike gex) and it would be good to have it playing on today's PCs.

Should you want the game, CDaccess can help (it's a very good shop):
http://www.cdaccess.com/html/pc/survival.htm (and it's not expensive either).

Thanks for keeping me informed on the playability of that game. And thanks for testing it.

Best regards.


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You really shouldn't post you question more than once:

survival: the last hope

At least not so fast 😀


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