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swaaye wrote:

I recently beat Jedi Knight 1. I played it with a mix of cards, including Voodoo5 and GeForce FX. Voodoo 5 looks better than GeForce FX in this game because its antialiasing is superior and its 16-bit output is about as good as you can get because of a post filter in the card's DAC.

I'm testing an ATI Radeon Sapphire 9250 AGP 256mb card, and one of the test games I tried was JK1. The screen looked kind of 'messed up'. You could play it, but something was obviously wrong. Other games tested worked OK, and Windows 98 appears to behave itself OK, so I guess it may have been an ATI driver glitch on that specific game or something? 😐

Edit: Fixed it. Changed the ATI control panel settings, so that D3D performance was set to best quality, rather than the default "balanced" quality option.

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Do you have a manual to this Aristo board?

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