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New LH=DOSBox(GUI,1) Version 0.01.8b

The Features:
- Most Settings in the DOSBox occur are integrated, about the 90
- 4 Separate databases
- One For: emulators / Ports
- One For : Games / Applications
- One For: Scene Demos
- and one for: Booter Games

- DOSbox versions from 0.70 and up are supported. Even the ports not covered by the DOSBox team.

- 3DFX/Glide Settings, DOSBox build of Gulikoza / Ykhwong is supported
- A somewhat exceptional editor for the Autoexec.Bat section for Dosbox.
- A special database for quickly access to the MsDOS commands.
- A Virtual Directory Lister to the files / directories such as access under DOS.
- File Disk support for CD/Disk images
- Graphical DOS menu. Yyou can create optional when several files under DOS will call.
- Dos4/GW Check
Optionally, the old DOS4GW.Exe can be changed by the Dos32a Extender as well as bootable (exe) files and not bootable files in turn, but which is integrated DOS4/GW.
- Saved snapshots, movies and sound files (Up to 1000 any database entry) can easily play.
- An Internal Console shows Optional after quitting DOSbox to what's going on.
- Support for booter Zip disks (Only booter in the database)
- The complete database of games or alternatively the scene demos can be displayed as text or HTML List save or print it immediately. This database can be sorted specific criteria

- Pack with 7z (The name of the archive is Automatic / Manual using the database)
- ScummVM support.
- Just about all the settings are bringing ScummVM LH = DOSBox (GUI) Incorporated
- The configuration for ScummVM is in the subdirectory of LH = DOSBox handled.
- 1900 MD5 Checksumms integrated
Only directory and the rest as ID, language and system will itself. Optionally you can choose everything.

- Shortcut (icon) can set the desktop or Remove (ScummVM and DOSbox). It will not always be the front-end load

- Language File can be in any other language to be translated

The games and scene demo database can be in my future project "GPEngine (A similar database Games Collector)

Release LH=DOSBox(Gui,1) Version 0.01.8b

Try Out 😉[/list]

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Ok jungs, one of you tested the program? I know these are still bugs in the program. Private am now in version and I have since version eliminated a lot of errors and time to write to the Help file.

Since my English (letter) is not very good, I look for the translators had the Gui-language file and file to help translate in English?