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Evening. Currently using DOSBox 0.73.

I know that if you have an additional .conf file specifed in the -conf argument, any sections within the conf override the default dosbox.conf.

Erm... I think I could have explained that better. .conf files specified on the command line don't have to contain every section - those they don't are taken from dosbox.conf

Is there a way to set-up DOSBox to disallow certain sections from being overridden?

Say I have a few games from GOG.com which use DOSBox and I've linked them all together to a single install of DOSBox. In dosbox.conf I've set up my SDL configuration to just the way I like it. But whenever I play one of these games the supplied .conf file overrides it and uses their own settings.

Is there a way to make it so that the [SDL] part of DOSBox.conf can't be overriden by an additional .conf file? Or should I just edit all the .conf files from the games and remove the [SDL] sections?

I realise that this is quite a specific request and is unlikely to even be considered as a future feature, but if there was a way of doing it with the current release it would be terribly useful!

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I think, if you use the -conf switch when launching DOSBox, you can point to a specific configuration file, and in that config file you can set some securemode or something that will prevent it from changing the configuration further.

Not the answer you are looking for though.

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the last loaded configuration file "wins"
However there is another winner and that are environemntvariables
so if you set on your system DOSBOX_SDL_OUTPUT=ddraw
then that should always "win" from any configfile setting

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