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I use te automatic config file of dosbox to start a program. But where must I set the dos command "set files = 240"? When I type it in the dosbox console this command works fine, but I would like to load this automatic?

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That isn't a DOS command, at least not the one you're thinking of. "set files=20" only creates an environment variable called "files" and gives it the string value "20". That does... absolutely nothing. Nothing useful, that is. It's not gonna change the maximum number of open files, not in real DOS and not in DOSBox either. In real DOS, it would require the line "files=20" in the config.sys file. In DOSBox, the number of open files is fixed at 127. A higher number is possible through use of a patch. Like the one I posted. Truth is you're extremely unlikely to need it though.

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