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Yeah... The game works fine on Dosbox, but if I attempt to use a controller or joystick, it keeps throwing information about the joystick all over the screen like this!


Does anyone know how to remove this?

Now one thing I do know is that using the "joysticktype=false" command in the conf file works. But this defeats the point if I wish to play this game with a controller! So does anyone know what's going on here?

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Thing is, this comes up and covers the intro screen. You can actually play the game, but more information keeps appearing. Maybe I should make a video or something, but it's very annoying...


Ok, using the power of Ctrl+f5, I took a whole bunch of screenshots showing what happens!


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It appears this only happens in the 1.4 version, which I believe was the version included on the CD release, and earlier versions are not affected.

The game is constantly writing the joystick state info to STDOUT when a joystick is detected, but it also installs an INT 10h handler to specifically bypass function 0Eh (teletype output) so that nothing is actually written to the screen. It's odd, not to mention inefficient, for the game to go to the trouble of writing the data and then prevent the output elsewhere. Anyway, the INT 10h handler is not able to work as intended. This is due to DOSBox's internal DOS calling internal video BIOS functions directly rather than having the emulated CPU execute the same interrupts that real DOS does, which is faster but somewhat less compatible.

As a workaround, run the TSR program named INT29 from this thread in DOSBox; it uses interrupts that are similar to what real DOS uses for output.

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Oh man!


That did the job! I downloaded int29 and put it into the same directory as the game, and I wrote the Conf file so that it would run int29.com before running the game, and now there's no STDOUT for the controller!

Fantastic! 😁 Thanks a bunch!


For those that want to see the conf file I made for this, here's the details, remember to grab that int29 file to make it work.

fullscreen = true
fulldouble = true
fullfixed = true
fullresolution = desktop

core = simple
cputype = 486_slow

aspect = false
scaler = normal3x forced
output = ddraw


mount C D:\Games\DOSBox-0.74\GAMES\Prince\Prince1\
#int29.com & int29.asm need to be put into the directory seperatly as a download

Plus, the files!

Directory of D:\Games\DOSBox-0.74\GAMES\Prince\PRINCE1

07/10/2012 19:58 <DIR> .
07/10/2012 19:58 <DIR> ..
06/10/2012 21:58 32 CONFIG.DAT
03/10/2012 16:37 2,224 DIGI.DRV
02/04/1992 01:00 50,101 DIGISND1.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 32,426 DIGISND2.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 31,008 DIGISND3.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 6,521 FAT.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 6,950 GUARD.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 117 GUARD1.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 117 GUARD2.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 3,684 IBM_SND1.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 3,784 IBM_SND2.DAT
07/10/2012 19:34 2,100 INT29.ASM
07/10/2012 19:34 168 INT29.COM

02/04/1992 01:00 37,149 KID.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 37,031 LEVELS.DAT
03/10/2012 16:37 2,432 MIDI.DRV
02/04/1992 01:00 7,096 MIDISND1.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 18,958 MIDISND2.DAT
03/10/2012 16:37 1,201 PRESETS.DEF
02/04/1992 01:00 25,600 PRINCE.DAT
25/08/1998 09:46 110,855 PRINCE.EXE
02/04/1992 01:00 25,829 PV.DAT
13/07/1998 09:58 658 SETUP.CFG
06/10/2012 21:58 32 SETUP.DAT
17/04/1993 19:45 76,457 SETUP.EXE
02/04/1992 01:00 4,715 SHADOW.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 3,868 SKEL.DAT
03/10/2012 16:35 <DIR> SNDDRVRS
02/04/1992 01:00 36,799 TITLE.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 10,933 VDUNGEON.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 6,111 VIZIER.DAT
02/04/1992 01:00 14,212 VPALACE.DAT
32 File(s) 559,168 bytes
3 Dir(s) 453,770,633,216 bytes free