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After Norton Ghost failed to backup my Win98 HDD properly I had multiple people recommend Acronis True Image. I tried the same Acronis version another forum member has used multiple times successfully, and it still failed on my system:



What I was trying was this: I made a backup of my 120gb mechanical drive and was trying to recover it to a 120gb SSD (with SATA to IDE adapter). I choose the option to recover C: + the MBR (that was the only two options so I choose both) - that failed. I then tried it again with the MBR option unchecked and it failed with the same exact above error.

There's only two hits on all of the internet on this error, on the Acronis Tru Image support page, and Acronis says they're aware of the error in their 2011 version when restoring to IDE drives and they've fixed it in an update.... but if I'm using the SAME EXACT 2011 version that other forum member used, and it worked for him, I assume that we're both using the version with that fix already implemented... Any advice on what to try next? Any THIRD software program I should look into trying?

On a sidenote, a post linked in the above mentions that the clone disk feature DOES work (just not the backup-then-restore feature), so I'm going to try that next. This SSD is an extra anyway (and was just a test if this backup/recovery process even worked to begin with....which it looks like it doesn't 🤣).

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I have used both the 2009 and 2012 versions of Acronis True Image Home without issues when restoring to the same type of drive (i.e. IDE-to-IDE, etc.), but I have never tried what you describe. I have the 2012 version case sitting in front of me, and it enumerates the features of the regular 2012 release, the 2012 Plus release and the online 2012 release. The two distinguishing features of the Plus release versus the regular release are the following:

Restore to Dissimilar Hardware
Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) Support

What you are trying to do is likely what Acronis defines as "Restore to Dissimilar Hardware." The question is whether or not they made that distinction in the 2011 release of True Image Home (I can't say from first hand experience). You had to pay extra for the Plus release of the 2012 version.

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akula65 wrote on 2020-03-08, 19:30:

What you are trying to do is likely what Acronis defines as "Restore to Dissimilar Hardware."

Thanks. The later versions define "Dissimilar Hardware" as in a different motherboard, or even an entire new computer and WIndows will still boot-up on that new hardware once you run that feature in Acronis. Don't know if it's the same for these older versions though (think they just care about Fat32 to Fat32 and the like).

Good news is the direct clone seems to work from 120gb mechanical drive to 120gb SSD (at least Windows boots up and I was able to quickly try a few games). I also have a new ISO of the 2011 version I will try.

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No one mentioned dd or ddrescue? That's surprising. I did use DD on a linux live cd when restoring an image file I concocted in PCem (!!!) to a 120gb IDE HDD a couple years ago. It took forever through USB, but worked. Granted, this is from an image file and not directly drive-to-drive...

long live PCem