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Hello, I'm curious about this: When I start dosbox as a normal dos shell, I press Ctrl+C,Z,Q etc, and get ASCII symbols (heart, arrows) instead of the normal ^Z stuff. I cannot terminate any dos programs when it's like this. How do I switch it back to normal DOS behaviour?

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  1. Start DOSBox 0.63.
  2. Enterthis command:
    Z:\>type con
  3. Now try to send and EOF (CTRL-Z) or CTRL-C to stop 'type'

Edit: Also notice that there is no echo of the characters typed into the console. Pressing ENTER does not make room for a new line either.

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ctrl-chars do not produce proper things.
I see no use for it. It's only difficult to maintain in the shell (think of what happens if you press delete )

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