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I just finished restoring my Macintosh SE/30 motherboard by doing a capkit and cleaning all the gunk with litres and litres of IPA (the alcohol not the beer silly). Thankfully the PRAM battery didn't leak so that was one thing less to deal with.

Now I'm faced with the task of replacing the battery (a rechargeable 3.6V one). Before doing so I'm thinking about alternatives in order to put something less hazardeous that won't spill in 10+ years (or will do less damage than these horrendeous batteries we loathe). Did any tried alternatives like supercaps in these beasts (talking about a Macintosh SE/30 here but applicable to other machines of course). The goal here is to futureproof my repairs and facilitate the life of the 10 years ahead owner (future me ^^)

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3x AA rechargables external to the system? 1.2v each.

Just a thought. I have it on one of mine with a JST connecter out a duct because I'm Mr Classy 😜