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Hey there, my question is kind of unique so I supposed this category will be the best place for it.

I'm trying to run DOSBox through code, through Java to be exact, and I wish to know if there is some way I can send DOSBox information in the form of commands to run.
Now, my first idea was modifying the configuration to do my commands and running dosbox, as that can be done through code, but I figured re-running dosbox every time I want to run something will be very inefficient.

If there is no way, can you suggest me any way to decrease DOSBox's boot time, even disable all graphical features to make it strictly run commands? I'm running an Assembly TASM x86 program to build asm files, and I'm going to be running that command as fast as every second, so you see how a long boot time can be an issue.

Is there any was to solve my issue?