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Did you know, how can i install this Game ?

Grandprixgames.org is down since a few Days.

When you type this on google, there is a Fix in the Forum.

Can you go on the Webpage ?


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why ?

This is the GP3 2000 install fix that seems to have disappeared from the FAQ. here's how to get it working properly. 😀

- Copy the entire CD (Select every file in Explorer, Copy) to a directory on your hard disk, for example: C:\GP32kCD

- Extract the contents of this ZIP file to the directory you copied the CD to. In the example above, it would be C:\GP32kCD

- Run "install.exe" and with a little bit of luck it should install correctly. 😀

- When it has finished installing, you can safely delete the "CD" directory (example above: C:\GP32kCD) as it serves no further purpose, other than possibly being burnt to a CD so you don't have to go through this again. 😀


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I'm still having a problem that the game freezes at the track loading screen.
Anybody else got this and know how to fix it?
The 2000 season really is a pain to get running in Win 10.
I'm running the game on Win 10 x64 in software mode.