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EDIT: I actually found them on wayback machine after all! I uploaded them here if anyone needs them:

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I know this card is just an S3 805, so I could use generic S3 drivers, but I'm looking for the original STB drivers for Windows 3.1.

I found some dead links for the drivers, but I haven't been able to find the files anywhere on the internet:

I also tried to go to stb.com with wayback machine, but the drivers page seems to not be archived. Bummer!

Any help is much appreciated! 😀

- Motherboard: "SIS 486G 3.3/5V Ver:E" w/ 256kB L2 cache
- CPU: Intel 486 DX2 66MHz (WT)
- RAM: 32MB FPM 60ns
- HDD: 8GB microSD
- VGA: STB Powergraph VL-24 (1MB 60ns)
- Audio: Sound Blaster AWE64 Value
- ISA PS/2 mouse card