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I'm experimenting some trouble with my AWE64 Value card.
MIDI music playback is faulty, with skipping notes and not all sounds being reproduced by the sound card.
Physically it seems to be decent, with no damage whatsoever.

Thank you for your replies!!


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Which drivers are you using and on what OS?

If you're under Win9x, try this driver CD. On the other hand, if you are using DOS 6.22, you'll need to download ctcmbbs.exe and sbbasic.exe from Creative's website. If the card keeps misbehaving with these drivers, then the hardware might be faulty.

Build #1: Celeron 466 / Abit ZM6 / Voodoo3 / AWE64 / YMF744 / SC-155
Build #2: AthlonXP 1700+ / Abit KT7A / GeForce4 / SBLive / ALS100
Build #3: Athlon64 3700+ / DFI LanParty / 9600GT / X-Fi Titanium