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Hi, I took out this lcd display from my 486 laptop, and I was wondering if it is possible to conver it to general purpose VGA monitor.

It's SHARP LM64P723, has two connectors: one is for power (two cables: + and -), other one is for data, It has 15 pins.

I could not find any datasheet related to this model, can you please help?

It is 15pin so maybe the pins are same as VGA connector?

Thanks in advance.


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VGA is analog, LCDs are digital.

but yes you can in theory connect it to VGA with a LCD controller board, the interface is most likely LVDS (but might not be given the age) but without a datasheet it's going to be hard to figure out the pinout.

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LM64P723 utilizes Parallel Data (4-bit) as it's signal inputting system, which connected by 15 pins Connector.

Definitely not directly compatible with standard VGA signaling.

https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf-file/1318268/OP … 50260NF-FW-15/1
Page 10 has a signal description of the 15pin connector

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Dunno if it helps, but I found this:
https://www.datasheetarchive.com/pdf/download … e=P&term=LM64P7*

which includes the Sharp LM64P722 as a supported panel. Might help identify what the interface is.

Found a possible pinout from a datasheet for an "I/O card for use with VIBMAT and V486":

pin - panel name / IO Card name
1 - S / LFS
2 - CP1 / LLCLK
4 - Vdd / +5V
5 - GND / GND
6 - Vee /-24V
7 - ?
8 - DU0 / PD4
9 - DU1 / PD5
10 - DU2 / PD6
11 -DU3 / PD7
12 - DL0 / PD0
13 - DL1 / PD1
14 - DL2 / PD2
15 - DL3 / PD3

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yeah I figured it might not be LVDS given the age, this obviously makes it harder, there are also off the shelf controllers for parallel displays but the chance of finding something that would "just work" is probably very slim, your best bet would probably a graphics card with dedicated LCD output from the same era.